42 ComEd employees share a $1million prize

The newest Megamillions winners scooped an impressive $1million prize, but not a really life-changing one, since they are splitting the prize in 42 pieces. The group is known as “42 MEGAwatts” and they work together at ComEd office in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Electricity filled the air in the ComEd office in Oak Brook, Illinois when the group of 42 employees known by the nickname ”42 MEGAwatts” discovered that they won the $1million Megamillions prize. It’s been six years now since they started playing lotto as a team. The numbers that brought them luck (5, 35, 37, 41 and 66) were drawn in the Tuesday, October 21 drawing. If they matched a Mega Ball too, it would’ve made them millionaires, but they are more than satisfied with the $23,809 per person at the moment.

“Over the years some members have dropped out and new ones have joined. We’ve always each put $2 per week into our lottery pool. I don’t think any of us really expected we would win a prize like this!” said Patty Jordan, one of the group administrators.

Ms. Jordan checked the tickets in a nearby store during her lunch break. After the message “file a claim” appeared on a screen of a lottery self-service scanner, one of the clerks in the store informed her she just won “a boatload of money”. It may not be a boatload, but it’s certainly “a shipload” according to Ms. Jordan who quickly headed back to the office to share the news with her 41 co-workers. The winning ticket was purchased at Minuteman in Elmhurst, which got a $10,000 bonus for selling it.