$90 million Powerball jackpot goes to Washington

One mystery person from Washington got incredibly lucky this Saturday night and is now expected to claim an amazing $90 million Powerball prize. After this remarkable win, the Powerball jackpot has been reset to $40 million.

Lotto officials still don’t know who Washington’s newest millionaire is, but the numbers that made him or her rich were 13, 24, 30, 42, and 48 with Power Ball the number 27. The grand prize winner will now have to determine to either take the 29-year, 30-installment annuity, or the cash lump-sum in the amount of $56.8 million before tax withholding.

The jackpot winner isn’t the only person who walked away with a huge pile of cash after the November 29th Powerball draw. Two players with the Power Play option, in New Mexico and Rhode Island, matched the five main numbers to win $2 million. There were also two players without the Power Play option, in California and Virginia, who matched the five main numbers to win $1 million each. With 9 different ways to win, the Saturday night’s draw produced a total of 395.733 non-jackpot winning players with a total amount of $8.411.487 prizes.

The previous Powerball jackpot winner Marilyn Boldon from Dallas won a spectacular $202.6 million prize in November 8th drawing. The luckiest Powerball player to date was Gloria MacKenzie of Zephyrhills who took home a historic $590.5 million prize after matching all five winning numbers and Power Ball back in May 2013.