Dallas woman claims $202.6 million Powerball jackpot

The search for the winner of the spectacular $202.6 million Powerball jackpot is over before it ever began – only nine days after hitting it big, the newest Powerball millionaire came forward and claimed her fortune.

The prize amounting to $202 million is in fact the fifth-largest jackpot in Missouri Lottery’s history and was won in November 8th Powerball draw. The winning numbers were 9, 19, 33, 38 and 54, with the Powerball 15 and the person whose life they changed is Marilyn Boldon from Dallas. She came forward to claim the prize on November 17th, nine days after the draw. Everything else about her remains a mystery, as Ms. Boldon didn’t want to share any further details about herself and didn’t take pictures holding a big check as lotto winners usually do.

Despite being Dallas resident, Ms. Boldon purchased her winning ticket at Gateway Newstands at Union Station in St. Louis which will get a $50.000 bonus for selling it. Victor Patel who sold the winning ticket said he has no plans on how to spend the bonus money, but intends to donate some of it to charity.

Executive Director of the Missouri Lottery May Scheve Reardon said Powerball sales in Missouri were more than $9.1 million during this last jackpot run, and nearly $3.6 million of those sales will be turned over to Missouri public education as proceeds. The last time a Powerballl jackpot was won in Missouri was back on March 22th, when a lucky couple from St. Charles claimed $96.5 million prize.