Dog lover discovers her Powerball win thanks to Facebook

Using social media has its charms, but not many of us can say their life has been changed forever while browsing through Facebook. Janon Frei from Jasper is an exception to this rule – she found out about her $2 million Powerball win while scrolling down her news feed on Facebook.

Janon Frei matched the first five winning numbers in the Powerball draw on September 17, but was busy preparing for a dog show and forgot to check her ticket. While scrolling through her newsfeed on Facebook, Frei read a story about the unclaimed Powerball ticket that was purchased locally.

“I said to myself, ‘Those numbers look familiar.’ I was at a dog show and was going to check later.”

She decided to check her ticket when she got home, but soon changed her mind since a $1million was at stake. After comparing her Quick Pick ticket against the winning numbers, she realized that she matched them all, just missing out on the Powerball.

“I was shaking. I was really excited,” she said. “I stayed at the dog show and showed all weekend.”

She claimed her winnings at the Georgia Lottery District Office in Dalton, where her initial $1 million prize was doubled because she selected the Power Play option. Frei is a mother of three, registered nurse and a dog lover who has exhibited Jack Russell Terriers at various conformation dog shows for 14 years. She intends to use her Powerball winnings to pay off her home mortgage and car note.