Friday night pizza tradition leads to $40.000.000 Powerball win

A decade long tradition of having a pizza night every Friday, brought something more than a time well-spent to four friends from Dumont – an impressive $40.000.000 Powerball jackpot.

After years of playing both Powerball and Mega Millions, the lucky quartet known as “The Rocklin Four” finally matched all the winning numbers in Powerball’s draw back on March 25th. Members of the fortunate team are Daniel Blackley Jr., Scott Goldberg, Robert Kerr, and Thomas Reagan, all of them residents of Dumont, Bergen County.

The golden ticket they purchased at Rocklin’s Stationary in Teaneck, matched correctly the five winning numbers 7-19-23-50-54 and Power Ball 14. There’s and interesting story behind these numbers – 50 and 54 were obvious choices because they represent their ages, while 23 was picked as a way of honoring the former Yankees first baseman Don Mattingly.

The four winners have been meeting every Friday for pizza night since their children were little, and stayed loyal to the tradition after they’ve grown up. Their relationship has become even stronger after hitting the jackpot and they don’t plan to put a stop to their Friday gatherings any time soon. The members of the quartet choose not to share much information about their personal lives, but there was one plan they didn’t keep a secret – having more fun and taking care of their families.