Irish teenager celebrates a £390,000 lotto win

Lotto winners usually celebrate their victory with a glass of champagne, but Callum Fitzpatrick had to drink orange juice instead – because he’s only 16 years old! He became one of the richest lotto teens in Ireland after winning £390,000. Online lotto games are restricted for players under 18 years old, but you can pitch few lucky numbers to your parents and win amazing jackpots as a family!

Callum Fitzpatrick from County Down was watching the lotto draw with his cousins and “burst into tears” after matching five numbers and the bonus ball. He immediately phoned his dad Colin to break the good news – he didn’t believe him at first, but realized from the sound of his voice that it wasn’t a silly joke.

“I’m really thrilled for him. He’s a fantastic lad and his mum and I both know that he will spend his money wisely. This win will give Callum a tremendous start as he ventures out into the big bad world.” said dad Colin.

Callum, who has three younger sisters, said his family will help him keep his feet on the ground, with one of the conditions being that he keeps working in his family’s grocery shop. On top of all of this, he is an A level math pupil who plans to go to university to study accountancy, member of Kilkeel Golf Club and also plays Gaelic football for his local team Ballymartin.

Callum plans to learn how to drive and buy a car after turning 17 and visit Old Trafford to see his favorite team Manchester United. Apart from planning a party for his friends and buying his sister a bike, he hopes to keep the majority of the prize money for the future.