Nine co-workers share $1 million Powerball prize

Lotto winners always get to share their excitement with people around them, but sometimes they also share the prize. This is the case of a group of nine co-workers from Green Bay who claimed their $1 million Powerball prize few days ago.

Nine Green Bay customer service employees received the big payout after matching five Powerball numbers in the August 27 drawing. Each one claimed their $111.000 checks on Tuesday, which is certainly a great sum, but not “crazy, leave-town money” according to Eric Raabe, one of the winners.

“It’s not so much money that we have to worry about things but it’s enough that we can relax a little bit,” said Margaret Szczepkowski, who will spend her share getting ready for the best Christmas ever.

The winners said they plan to keep on working at APAC Customer Services, a call center in Green Bay, and will use their new-found cash to pay car loans, student loans and other debts. Lotto prize came at a great time for everyone, but no one has more reason to celebrate than Beth Lyman – she’s getting married on Saturday and will use the money to provide a good start for her marriage.

“We already had purchased the house, everything was paid for prior to winning … the wedding was budgeted and paid for prior to the ticket, I operate on a pretty lean margin, so I wasn’t planning on going into much debt for that. The money will go to student loan payments and retirement funds. It’s very exciting,” said soon-to-be bride Beth.