Oil worker thought his £1million win is a computer glitch

George Kinghorn, the oil worker from Peterhead, went to bed thinking he had won a few pounds on the lottery and woke up to discover he’s a millionaire. He won a dazzling £1million prize in Euromillions Mega Friday draw on October 31st.

After returning from a holiday in Tenerife, Mr. Kinghorn read an email informing him he was a winner of a Euromillions prize, but he ignored it assuming it’s a small amount. He went straight to bed, not realizing he just became a millionaire because the incredible £1million prize was actually at stake.

“I never once thought I’d scooped the jackpot. I actually turned the computer off and back on again – I was sure it was a mistake,” said the lucky winner.

He asked his wife Sandra to check the numbers, thinking he was just seeing too many zeros, but she also confirmed they became £1million richer.

“I always play the lottery online so I have had emails before with small wins. We just wanted to make sure it really said £1.000.000 not £1.000. We were in total shock,” Mr. Kinghorn said.

Rather than rest and count his winnings, Mr. Kinghorn went back to work and collected his prize three weeks later. He doesn’t intend to leave his job any time soon and doesn’t have any plans on what to do with the money, but will probably take a few friends away for a week’s golfing, since he’s a big fan of this sport. Aside from the £1million prize, he also won a luxury holiday to one of Richard Branson’s private islands on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.