Retired fisherman wins $13.8 million lotto prize

After winning huge jackpots, lotto players usually have big plans on how to spend them, but that’s not the case of Leon Hirtle. Retired lobster fisherman is Nova Scotia’s newest millionaire, but plans to lead a simple life with $13.8 million in his pocket.

77-year-old Leon Hirtle of Bell Island picked up his $13.8 million check at the Bridgewater Curling Club after winning the Lotto 6/49 jackpot on October 1. He wasn’t in a rush to claim the prize, since he doesn’t expect it will change the simple way he lives his life.

“I’m quite content with the way I am. If I had won $1,000, I’d be satisfied,” Hirtle told the network as he received his winnings surrounded by his family and friends.

Hirtle started working as a fisherman at the age of 16 and only retired two years ago. He lives with two of his younger brothers and plans to renovate the home they lived in for 45 years. As he has never married and doesn’t have any children, he will share most of the winnings with members of his family, who had nothing but praise for him.

“There’s not a lot for a fellow my age to do with the money. I have nieces and they have children so I figure I’ll help the family out. I’ll have a lot left over. I’ll be able to buy an ice cream cone,” the humble winner said.

He also joked about buying a Happy Meal to celebrate his winning and added taking a limo ride or two might be fun, since he doesn’t drive.

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