Saskatoon woman finds out she’s a millionaire during lunch break

Keely Vickaryous from Saskatoon walked into a grocery store to buy milk and walked out $1 million richer – she discovered she’s a millionaire after checking her lottery ticket during lunch break.

Keely Vickaryous wasn’t expecting anything spectacular to happen during her lunch break, but after scanning her ticket on the grocery store’s self-checker she was in for a big surprise.

“I stopped to get milk,” she explained. “It was supposed to be a five minute pit stop, and then I checked my ticket. I saw all of these zeroes.”

Keely was speechless when the clerk standing nearby came to check on her and informed her she wasn’t just seeing things. She looked at Keely and said “You’ve just won a million dollars!” and then brought her to the terminal where they confirmed her win.

“I was in shock – it was weird. I thought, ‘Should I phone my boss? Am I going to be late?’” said the winner and added this prize won’t change her life as much as enhance it.

“It doesn’t change too much,” Keely explained. “It’s going to improve our quality of life, but I like the way things are. We won’t have to worry if something breaks down.”

She will use her winnings to set up her future retirement and education funds for her family, but plans to keep everything else pretty much the same.

“We’ll continue going to the lake and golfing,” she said with a smile. “Keep the lifestyle, but we’ll feel a bit more freedom.”