Seattle car burglar steals sunglasses, but overlooks $1.000.000 winning ticket

The moment that you notice your car’s window broken is definitely frustrating, not for a couple from Seattle though. The thief that broke into their car left behind the only thing that had any real value for them – a winning Powerball ticket worth $1.000.000! You could win much more in the next Mega Millions drawing – play now to scoop an astonishing $253.000.000 prize!

The winners who choose to keep their anonymity, won $1.000.000 in Powerball drawing back on February 11th. Since they weren’t among the three winners who shared a groundbreaking $564.000.000 jackpot that night, the couple didn’t bother to check their ticket, not even thinking about winning the second prize. The ticket ended up lying around their car for three months before they realized its worth a lot and they actually came really close to losing it forever in the meantime.

“Someone broke into our car a few weeks ago and stole a pair of sunglasses. The stolen sunglasses were actually sitting atop the winning ticket. What a close call!” the winners explained.

With $1.000.000 safe and sound in their bank account, they can afford not only new sunglasses, but much more.

“Well, we already popped a bottle of champagne! We’re also planning a trip to Paris and Iceland for this year. Other than that, I think we’ll just take care of our house,” the couple said.