Shop owner fears that €5 million winner may burned his ticket

Lotto wins bring a lot of joy into the lives of both the winners and the shop owners who brought them luck, but sometimes they also bring concern. Just look at Tom Geraghty, a shop owner who sold a €5 million winning ticket, but can’t stop worrying about the mystery winner who hasn’t come forward yet.

Tom Geraghty was overwhelmed with excitement after a call from the National Lottery to say he’d sold the winning €4 Quick Pick. The lucky winner purchased a ticket in Crinkill superstore in Birr back on Monday November 17th. The €5 million prize was won in Wednesday November 19th draw and the days passed by without anyone coming forward to claim it. In the meantime, Mr. Geraghty started to wonder if the mystery winner might be a nervous punter who accidentally burned the ticket as he cleared out garbage from his pockets. Mr. Geraghty said it would be “absolutely horrible” if the €5 million prize has gone to waste.

“Hopefully that’s not the case but it all seems to fit doesn’t it? Same value ticket, Quick Pick and on the same day. It’ll have to be a coincidence now. It just has to be. It doesn’t bear thinking about,” said. Mr. Geraghty.

The news of the win had spread across Birr very quickly and there are many rumors flying around. There were big congratulations for Mr. Geraghty, who was celebrating his first big winner sale in 20 years and was “leaping up and down like a mad thing” after finding out the winning ticket was sold in his store.